I love my job….

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I suddenly felt the urge to do a quick blog!

One simple thing…..I love my job!

It’s always exciting when you finally crack things you’ve been working on or trying to figure out. God, I’m a techy nerd for sure!.

For one client, we needed to update a webform within her website which was proving difficult as it was previously custom built which meant having to figure out the various FTP and PHP files, something I’d not really dealt with.  But a few calls and some research later and I cracked it, high five for me!  One happy client, so one happy me.

And another where we have been tirelessly testing various Facebook Ad’s and campaigns and finally got an official lead via one of the Ad’s! Small step but finally means something is working and we are on the right track.  Facebook adverts are a dark art and it’s all about constant testing and tweaking until you find that magic formula that works, be it the images, video or landing page content.

So one last client meeting to go on this rainy Friday, so currently sitting in a coffee shop with a lovely coffee (which actually I don’t usually drink) whilst I wait, then it’s ready for the weekend.

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